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Fat Taxi drivers……..dont you hate them,,..

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Overweight driver, large wannabe SWAT team bluetooth headset, gold a battered shitty Vectra, driving straight through a zebra crossing, as my pregnant wife is crossing…. all this on hospital grounds,
Don’t you think that wankers like this is one resource that the UK will never run out of…


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I think I am addicted to this site!!!!

Bad day

Posted in Shit Teammate on November 27, 2008 by wilhay

Bad day; for weather
Bad day; for belief in teammates.

It snowed in places overnight, but then changed to freezing rain, even after an hour the snow persisted…its cold,…. and wet…

I have to admit to being very surprised to see that Graham and Josh are at the roundabout..
A BIG Swiss Franc fine for the ‘Captain Hyde’ If you are going to request a route at least turn up for it!!!!!

Heavy rain starts again as we roll off.

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Oh Shit!!!!

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I look down in horror, glaring accusingly at my back wheel, with rising concern and the sickening realisation that all is not well.
It shouldn’t look like that, how the hell did that happen. Impossibly contorted, I can feel the tension, as the rear mech quivers, waiting for something to give, to relieve the tension and send springs and bolts shrapnel like arcing into the undergrowth …
Extrications, roadside repairs and I am off limping home, turning an impossible gear , knees complaining as I grind homeward. My mind churning, worried.
A pang of fear that I could lose an old friend.

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Sunday 26th Oct: Rain stops play

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I wake up at six thirty at least an hour before my alarm is due to go off. So much for the advertised extra hour in bed. My excited bound to the window is greeted by heavy rain. Oh well so much for sunny October days.Decisions decisionsAutumnal rain brings its own wardrobe quandaries.Full heavy duty rain gear, or Shower proof. One underlayer, or full layering?, worries about wind chill if someone punctures. Will I be too hot? Oh my god none of this crap matches.. how will I look euro pro?
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Sunday 19th Octobers Velocity Ride

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Sunday 19th October.
October sunny days are usually quite hard to come by. So when appears you ought to grab it and make the most of it. So what better way to make the most of it? On your bike and surround yourself by a good group and take a relaxed cruise.A text message arrives from Jack, telling me that he slept late, but will be there…Freshly pumped tires lightly hiss on slightly damp roads as I trundle off to the roundabout. My legs don’t feel particularly strong but I stay in my little ring and spin any stiffness away. Graham is already waiting looking relaxed by the sign, Johns grins as I swoop to a halt. “Well look who it is? “ it’s been a while.. Since the spring.. same damp roads, same skudding clouds and clear air. Michelle says hi and introduces herself Pat , looking euro-pro, rolls up and introduces Mark.I have already sized up who’s wheels I will be following if it starts raining. ( those with mudguards) More introductions while I try to buy time for Jack, who I imagine has either rolled over and gone back to sleep, or is currently taking all manner of risks trying to make it on time.A green figure approaches down the hill, is that Jack? Far too small for him..Josh arrives, more introductions.
“I can’t buy any more time Jack, we have to start rolling,”

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