Bad day

Bad day; for weather
Bad day; for belief in teammates.

It snowed in places overnight, but then changed to freezing rain, even after an hour the snow persisted…its cold,…. and wet…

I have to admit to being very surprised to see that Graham and Josh are at the roundabout..
A BIG Swiss Franc fine for the ‘Captain Hyde’ If you are going to request a route at least turn up for it!!!!!

Heavy rain starts again as we roll off.

Graham always edging ahead and gapping a rapidly chilling Josh off, who hangs onto my wheel, as I try pacing him back up.
Oli was due at Mislingford, I see yellow clad figure in the distance, so pause and slowly circle but it’s not him. Onwards into a really vicious headwind and yet another heavy shower.
A freezing and soaking, Josh turns for home at the Waltham Chase traffic lights.. Not built for this weather with 5% body fat and already suffering in the cold; Major Credit to him for turning up. Hope you got back all right.
Phone rings…Oli is chasing with Pete. Graham presses on, reluctant to slow for them in the cold
For the next 10 miles Graham keeps raising the pace, as if to deliberately gap me off or to ensure the chasers can’t catch, I might as well be riding on my own.
On the hill up from Marwell to Owlsbury he goes and I am shocked at the top as there is no sign of him, .. I cannot believe it, he has ridden on!!
I could have easily punctured, in freezing rain, been struggling, suffered another catastrophic mechanical like last weeks.

A few weeks ago this was the rider that suffered, like we all do at one time or another, Remember , and I remember that it was me who kept dropping back to help you back up to the group. The hill to Monkwood, the run onto the top of Steep, seems easy to forget,no?…

I still cant believe that he hasn’t waited!! I cant believe that a so called ‘team mate’, an experienced rider so obviously has no idea or is too selfish to ride in a group.…

I shouldn’t have really expected anything less, its not the first time, last year you rode off and left Jack with a puncture in freezing cold rain, another time you attacked on a hill in Winchester and left me, not looking around for almost two miles .
Leaving a team-mate and sole riding partner in freezing rain is a disgrace.


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