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Happy New Year

Posted in Rant on December 28, 2008 by wilhay

That was the end of 2008..

It started with so much hope that this was going to be a clean year, cycling reborn, the old guard with their needles and pills, laid to rest..Starting over…

 Astana sitting it out licking its arse with a cleansing enema for some of the top riders .. Contadoper, 501 lipliner (leipheimer), Klodiene ( Kloden).  ASO and the UCI monkeys maybe sorted out their differences. An Olympic year.. all other sports under the spotlight, to prove that cycling has proved herself clean, ( or everyone else is just as dirty)   Boy were we in for a shock..

Ricco…Busted…Smarmy fucker, almost had us all fooled.. wanker

Shumacher..busted….honest Guv  me and my shiney pebble head ..didnt do it..

Piepoli..busted… honest Guv, someone told me that it would help with my excessive body hair, and the rest of the Saunier lads take the piss that my furry eyebrows meet in the middle.. .

Sella… busted.. proving that the only way to piss with the big boys is to be juiced up to the gills.

Frankyboy Shleck… dodgy 7000€ for Dr fuentes, my arse.. Barne is looking for another golden boy as well as a new sponsor..( he always has little bruv Handy Andy from Changing rooms).

Poonen…busted for Columbian marching dust and a few coloured super-smarties .. at least it wasnt a performance enhancer but come on.Cyclists as Rock Stars… Youve got to be kidding me,  skinny arms, wierd tann lines, and early to bed everynight.. not exactly idol material..

Kohl..busted..still an ugly fucker though..

So 2009 is almost here,  between the fuckwits at the UCI and ASO making it up as they go along. The endless stream of village boys that are prepared to take the risk, with their own and everyone elses careers, and  shoot up a syringe from a short hairy soigner( part time vetinarian) or some struck off gynacologist called  “Doctor” because he has a white coat..

My boy makes his entrance this year, what sort of sport is going to be left for him, by the time I teach him to ride.. despite all the crap going on in the sport,  I will still the there, following it with a waning, cynical resignation…Woo Hoo at least we have the one balled, needle monkey robot making his comeback….


more Campag woes….

Posted in mechanical on December 17, 2008 by wilhay

I went out for a ride this lunchtime.. booted and spurred, ready to go…

to be thwarted… my rear wheel seems to have picked up a broken spoke as well as a few loose ones.. how the chuff this happened in the garage overnight after yesterdays ride.

While giving the bike a once over I noticed that the spider bolt on the back of the crank has dropped out…

So here is the running total…

1)Crank bolts loosened despite threadlock.. I lost 4 causing the inner chain ring to fail.

2) Rear mech locking and turning itself inside out.

3) Front mech outside cage worn through.

4) Another lost spider bolt.

5)Broken teeth on a Genuine Campag cassette ( three sprockets about 10 teeth)

6) and now Proton Wheel spokes.

7) the spider bolt on the back of the crank arm.( expensive one)

The reason I went to Campag in the first place was that it ‘Wears in not out’..but experience certainly proves otherwise. they feel better than Shimano, look better, and dont have those annoying cables parallel with the bars. I also like the easy trimming that is possible with the 9 speed what point do you say that it is crap and go back to Shimano?

Sneaky midweek ride

Posted in Uncategorized on December 17, 2008 by wilhay

Sneaky midweek ride.
55miles with Pheonix Mark.
Girly flat for the first half…

16-dec-parcours So I put a few hills in the second half (just in case anyone found out).
Mark is rolling pretty well and I cant believe that things have gotten so bad that I start to suffer after only 40 miles!!
Great ride though. no wind and loads of fog with a fair bit of muck on the roads making a good winter ride atmosphere.

I couldnt help myself sprinting for the Rowlands Castle sign. It was purely symbolic you realise, the first Sprint of the year was for Rowlands Castle, but that one ended up in hospital, so I felt it necessary to claim this  last one..

Probably the best advert…

Posted in Uncategorized on December 16, 2008 by wilhay

Now you though that it would be the Pot Noodle miners ?

Only in america

Posted in Uncategorized on December 16, 2008 by wilhay

So Rock Racing could be under pressure.. Does that mean that Michael Ball wont be able to afford anymore dopers..

I loved the grapics and the badboy image but lets face it.. They are sponsored by poncy rip off Jeans… just look at the state of Kayle Leogrande:


He did win a few races though, but was juiced up the whole time . even as far as admitting it to a soigner and filmed saying iou blah blah for the juice…   Miguel Bollock doesnt sack him, just thinks about how to handle the PR.. bastards..

What about this!!!…..

all hail and raise your eyes to the lord. pray for our big 4X4s and suvs ..



Posted in club ride, Uncategorized on December 14, 2008 by wilhay

Had to cancel todays ride due to there being large sheets of ice covering the driveway and car… bugger… all that effort organising it, a few days of rain raising the temperature only to be scuppered by a last minute sub-zero curve ball.. Bugger..Thing is; I have come down in icy conditions a few times, but falling now, dodgy shoulder, Christmas trip booked and only a week away, baby due soon, its not really worth it.

Besides.. I have Tuesday off.  If I do the same loop I can scoop all the primes….. I will have an extra beer whetting the babys head out in Madrid.

on the road again…

Posted in Uncategorized on December 9, 2008 by wilhay

New parts fitted, indexing spot on first time..( well a loop around teh block says so.)

Who says Campag is hard to index right..

Anyway I think I will stop buying cycling magazines for the next few months, at least until Armpong has been trashed at the Giro…

every magazine is the same… picture of the needle monkey robot on the front, same lame interview inside..

FFS stop blowing smoke up his arse.!!


Tom ‘the Snowman’ Poonen..

flanders, roubaix a couple of times.. even the Tour of Qatar… not only was he snorting Columbian marching dust but also was dropping a couple of  ‘E’s…