more Campag woes….

I went out for a ride this lunchtime.. booted and spurred, ready to go…

to be thwarted… my rear wheel seems to have picked up a broken spoke as well as a few loose ones.. how the chuff this happened in the garage overnight after yesterdays ride.

While giving the bike a once over I noticed that the spider bolt on the back of the crank has dropped out…

So here is the running total…

1)Crank bolts loosened despite threadlock.. I lost 4 causing the inner chain ring to fail.

2) Rear mech locking and turning itself inside out.

3) Front mech outside cage worn through.

4) Another lost spider bolt.

5)Broken teeth on a Genuine Campag cassette ( three sprockets about 10 teeth)

6) and now Proton Wheel spokes.

7) the spider bolt on the back of the crank arm.( expensive one)

The reason I went to Campag in the first place was that it ‘Wears in not out’..but experience certainly proves otherwise. they feel better than Shimano, look better, and dont have those annoying cables parallel with the bars. I also like the easy trimming that is possible with the 9 speed what point do you say that it is crap and go back to Shimano?


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