Happy New Year

That was the end of 2008..

It started with so much hope that this was going to be a clean year, cycling reborn, the old guard with their needles and pills, laid to rest..Starting over…

 Astana sitting it out licking its arse with a cleansing enema for some of the top riders .. Contadoper, 501 lipliner (leipheimer), Klodiene ( Kloden).  ASO and the UCI monkeys maybe sorted out their differences. An Olympic year.. all other sports under the spotlight, to prove that cycling has proved herself clean, ( or everyone else is just as dirty)   Boy were we in for a shock..

Ricco…Busted…Smarmy fucker, almost had us all fooled.. wanker

Shumacher..busted….honest Guv  me and my shiney pebble head ..didnt do it..

Piepoli..busted… honest Guv, someone told me that it would help with my excessive body hair, and the rest of the Saunier lads take the piss that my furry eyebrows meet in the middle.. .

Sella… busted.. proving that the only way to piss with the big boys is to be juiced up to the gills.

Frankyboy Shleck… dodgy 7000€ for Dr fuentes, my arse.. Barne is looking for another golden boy as well as a new sponsor..( he always has little bruv Handy Andy from Changing rooms).

Poonen…busted for Columbian marching dust and a few coloured super-smarties .. at least it wasnt a performance enhancer but come on.Cyclists as Rock Stars… Youve got to be kidding me,  skinny arms, wierd tann lines, and early to bed everynight.. not exactly idol material..

Kohl..busted..still an ugly fucker though..

So 2009 is almost here,  between the fuckwits at the UCI and ASO making it up as they go along. The endless stream of village boys that are prepared to take the risk, with their own and everyone elses careers, and  shoot up a syringe from a short hairy soigner( part time vetinarian) or some struck off gynacologist called  “Doctor” because he has a white coat..

My boy makes his entrance this year, what sort of sport is going to be left for him, by the time I teach him to ride.. despite all the crap going on in the sport,  I will still the there, following it with a waning, cynical resignation…Woo Hoo at least we have the one balled, needle monkey robot making his comeback….


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