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Exclusive!! …an interview with Tommekke Poonen…Qatar race tactics

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WW:  So you have made Qatar your own race over the last few years, can you share with us your secret..

TP:  thats easy… the night before I send the soingner out with a bag of white sand. the bag has a hole in it, but it leaves a fine line of white dust up the middle of the highway.  My superstrong snorting reflex, gives me that added boost and drags me along a bit faster as I follow it…at feed stations  he changes fine sand for PSP… it works great.. <Sniff>.. I am worried that Barry Manilow or Keith Moon is going to start racing..

WW:  Thanks Tom, say are you going to shit yourself in this years Paris Roubaix again? Is that a tactic to stop Big G H following you too closely?

TP:  <Sniff>….Got any ‘E’s?



Note the thin white line in front of our Tomekke…. Petachi ( with his inhaler boosted Ventonil enchance super snorting action) trying to get a nostril in on the action, and Tommy Steels has decide that to really get it on it is safer if you lie down.



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So he is due back… another of the old guard sneaking his way back in…After two years out of it he can come back with a flurry of self righteousness and promises.

shame that his giant publicity engine couldnt fix that fact that he is still a Ginger and still grows a crap beard ( Lets face it only Graham, Landis Mum and wee Jock Poo Pong McPlop the Aberdeen toilet cleaner can be proud of )



I found this while  mooching about on Ebay:065a_1

Rock Racing T shirt signed by Tyler, Botero, Sevilla, Pena and Rodriguez… More Needle monkeys than a Glasgow Drug clinic.. Maybe its worth more now that Miguel Bollock is flipping burgers at Wendys….yours for only £75 buy it now

Woo hooo

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Rasmussen CAS appeal upheld….

Peipoli busted for two years.. at 37 thats a life time ban, unless you count on a comeback on a Moulton ..



I suppose Chicken boy and Piepoli could try teh Lemans style happy shopper world cup…

Musseuw fesses up that he juiced

And STILL all the sites, and all the Mags are still blowing smoke up ArmPongs arse!!!

How come the little fella gets all the fun…?

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its just not fair…#


Urbane Velo…

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I have been travelling to Madrid since 2002, and every time I am here I am struck by the complete lack of cyclists and cycling facilities in the city, Is there a subterraenean underground sub culture of hardy commuter souls, willing to take on the chaotic Madrileneo traffic?  A cyclist in traffic here is very rare sight indeed… (except for nob cheeses on full Suss bikes in the  Retiro on a Sundays.) 

Bespite the Spanishes having their own grand tour and tour champions a plenty It is so odd that they have not embraced the bike in an urban context, like the rest of Europes capitals..

The main roads are wide and well paved,  loads of traffic lights to jump through nicely balanced with warrens of narrow back roads, complicated one way systems and reasonably compact.    I have only ever seen one messenger, was on Alcala the other day, but cyclists are conspicuous by their absence. I see about one maybe two riders  a day.

I am not alone in this observation…

So I had a mooch and found that there is chink of light, that hopefully can grow as the credit crunch bites.

to lend my support I nabbed one of Henricks cool shirts… Cheers Henirck..



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So…2009…… My life as I knew it has changed ….

I am no longer a cyclist, I am a Dad.


Aaron was born a few weeks prematurly, catching us all off gaurd.

I was in the UK working , Ana taking a routine appointment  out in Madrid.

A call, and a flurry of Taxis, hastily bought tickets and I am waiting at Heathrow, when the news arrives, Eva tearfully tells me that I have a son.

I go to the bar and celebrate with the only single Malt that they have. I am numb and unable to share the news with any one.

The flight passes in a blur and before long  Jose picks me up from the Airport, we get lost on the way to the hospital. I am so relieved to see Ana, she looks tired, shooing me away to go meet our son and before long I am stood in front of the little guys incubator.

Both of us meet him properly the next morning, when they bring him down from the nursery.  He even came with a 10 page instruction manual.


We fall in love instantly, I can believe how perfect he is. Most babies seem to have misshapen heads, or wierd rashes and bumps, but this little guy looks like he is out of one of the baby magazines.