So…2009…… My life as I knew it has changed ….

I am no longer a cyclist, I am a Dad.


Aaron was born a few weeks prematurly, catching us all off gaurd.

I was in the UK working , Ana taking a routine appointment  out in Madrid.

A call, and a flurry of Taxis, hastily bought tickets and I am waiting at Heathrow, when the news arrives, Eva tearfully tells me that I have a son.

I go to the bar and celebrate with the only single Malt that they have. I am numb and unable to share the news with any one.

The flight passes in a blur and before long  Jose picks me up from the Airport, we get lost on the way to the hospital. I am so relieved to see Ana, she looks tired, shooing me away to go meet our son and before long I am stood in front of the little guys incubator.

Both of us meet him properly the next morning, when they bring him down from the nursery.  He even came with a 10 page instruction manual.


We fall in love instantly, I can believe how perfect he is. Most babies seem to have misshapen heads, or wierd rashes and bumps, but this little guy looks like he is out of one of the baby magazines.


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