Urbane Velo…

I have been travelling to Madrid since 2002, and every time I am here I am struck by the complete lack of cyclists and cycling facilities in the city, Is there a subterraenean underground sub culture of hardy commuter souls, willing to take on the chaotic Madrileneo traffic?  A cyclist in traffic here is very rare sight indeed… (except for nob cheeses on full Suss bikes in the  Retiro on a Sundays.) 

Bespite the Spanishes having their own grand tour and tour champions a plenty It is so odd that they have not embraced the bike in an urban context, like the rest of Europes capitals..

The main roads are wide and well paved,  loads of traffic lights to jump through nicely balanced with warrens of narrow back roads, complicated one way systems and reasonably compact.    I have only ever seen one messenger, http://www.apinonfijo.com/that was on Alcala the other day, but cyclists are conspicuous by their absence. I see about one maybe two riders  a day.

I am not alone in this observation… http://www.londonfgss.com/thread14609.html

So I had a mooch and found that there is chink of light, that hopefully can grow as the credit crunch bites.


to lend my support I nabbed one of Henricks cool shirts… Cheers Henirck..



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