Exclusive!! …an interview with Tommekke Poonen…Qatar race tactics

WW:  So you have made Qatar your own race over the last few years, can you share with us your secret..

TP:  thats easy… the night before I send the soingner out with a bag of white sand. the bag has a hole in it, but it leaves a fine line of white dust up the middle of the highway.  My superstrong snorting reflex, gives me that added boost and drags me along a bit faster as I follow it…at feed stations  he changes fine sand for PSP… it works great.. <Sniff>.. I am worried that Barry Manilow or Keith Moon is going to start racing..

WW:  Thanks Tom, say are you going to shit yourself in this years Paris Roubaix again? Is that a tactic to stop Big G H following you too closely?

TP:  <Sniff>….Got any ‘E’s?



Note the thin white line in front of our Tomekke…. Petachi ( with his inhaler boosted Ventonil enchance super snorting action) trying to get a nostril in on the action, and Tommy Steels has decide that to really get it on it is safer if you lie down.


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