Gentlemens Sprint Rules ( Draft 1)

Here are a first draft of gentle mens sign sprints rules. Feel free to add to them, or interpret them, manipulate/twist them in order that you win more..
1. General sprinting

1.1 Starting The Sprint

1.1.1 The Sign must be in view.

1.1.2 Drafting of passing vehicles is perfectly acceptable as long as Rule 1.2.3 (a) is not contravened.

1.1.3 Holding up other road users is perfectly acceptable.

1.1.4 A standing start may be used.

1.2 During the Sprint

1.2.1 No Switching.

1.2.2 No Blocking

1.2.3 Hold Your Line; No forcing off road, or into oncoming traffic, other riders, road furniture.

1.2.4 If The Sprint is interrupted by the following : the outcome can be declared neutralised, or by agreement, half points

a) Other vehicle,

b) Pedestrian,

c) Livestock

d) Genuine mechanical ( slipping gears is not a mechanical)

1.2.5 In the event of a crash bonus points will be awarded on the following merits.

a) Flight time

b) Injuries to self

c) Damage to bike

d) Cause of crash/ stupidity of incident.

1.3 Finish line.

1.3.1 The winner is the first across The Finish Line.

1.3.2 If there is no clear winner and agreement cannot be established the outcome can be agreed using the following arbitration methods:

a) That sign will be declared neutralised.

b) Re-run the sprint from a suitable distance.

c) Paper Rock scissors.

d) Track stand; last man standing.

2. Safety

2.1 Concede to oncoming traffic.

2.2 The Rightmost Sprinter may call the Line if he feels that his safety may be compromised ( see Rule 1.2.2 and 2.1)

3. Off bike Conduct

3.1 Mulligans are not acceptable and are expected to be met with suitable derision and scorn.

3.2 Sledging and trash talking are acceptable practice, but should never be directed at the recipients’ bicycle of choice.

3.3 There is no opt out on a Friday, unless agreed by all parties.

3.4 Ungentlemanly conduct, contravention of the ‘Gentlemans Rules’ will be punishable by making of tea for the plaintiff or deduction of points.

4. Additional Rules for non Fast Friday rides.

4.1 A non Friday ride does not automatically have sprints planned.

4.2 Mid ride; If a rider challenges for a sign, and the other rider rises to the challenge, Fast Friday rules apply for the rest of the ride. (unless agreed by all parties)

4.3 All subsequent signs are fair game , the aggressor is not permitted to opt out.

4.5 Bragging rights may be agreed in lieu of points


Fast Friday: A Friday lunchtime ride, intended to mix it up a bit, either through sprints, points or some intermediate competition.

Your Line: the obvious straight line to the finish that a rider is expected to take.

Finish Line: The Finish line is an imaginary line projected perpendicularly across the road from the sign.

The Sprint: The build up of speed between riders with the intention to cross the Finish Line first.

Switching: the movement across the road that may interrupt ‘the line’ of another rider. Usually done to build speed.

The Sign: a pre-agreed place-name sign, usually signifying the boundary of a village/town/


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