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Posted in mechanical on May 16, 2013 by wilhay

when I built my Surly up I bought a set of Planet X Frog Bollox canti brakes. stopping  was crap, but I persevered. new KoolStop pads helped, but braking was still way beneath par.

The rear brake on the Hiver was even pads (Again) and they were still crap. I overtightened a pinch bolt on the straddlle cable barrel clamp and sheared the bolt. PX were useless , Paul Milnes and most local shops, even ebay couldnt find me a replacement. so it was time for a new brakes.

I looked into a set of TRP cx9s, but apparently they have to run really close to the rim.. not ideal for some of the crap i ride in20130103_104945

.. so in  the end I got a set of CR720s ( rear only)

Easier to set up ( though I dont like the straddle pinch bolt arrangement) and a massive difference riding , I can now actually stop and did a few test drifts on the fast berm in the woods..I did notice my heel clipping the right arm occasionally though.

I will leave the front as it is until it is time to replace pads, and maybe keep my eye out for a set of CX9s for summer riding.



Strava twat

Posted in Uncategorized on May 15, 2013 by wilhay

I have discovered Strava,., ( well Aiden put me onto it).. its ace.. the 45 mins i get at lunchtimes is ideal for hunting local KOMs out 🙂

I know its all about Ego, but it definitly has been helping drive me in training.

24 KOMS… rather chuffed for an old chuffer like me, including HUndred Acres and Newhams hill. ( not all chippers)

seems that these short sharp punchy hills suit me.

New Bike

Posted in Uncategorized on May 15, 2013 by wilhay

well ok … i bought it a few months ago..

all the old ultegra stuff off my Surly  , and load s of replacement bits..


feels a huge amount faster than teh heavy old surly.. my woodland loop time has come down by over 4 mins a lap since having it.,

replaced the chainset with a FSA Omega, and the dinner plate witha  46.. its ace.. you can go everywhere in the big ring 🙂



Been a while..

Posted in Uncategorized on May 15, 2013 by wilhay

So i came out of retirement( 5029 days since my last race) to race the Morvelo City Cross… and did alright..really enjoyed the event…and totally hooked on the idea of racing this autumn.

Cracking weekend in Hellifux. 5 pints the night before didnt really help but hey ho.