when I built my Surly up I bought a set of Planet X Frog Bollox canti brakes. stopping  was crap, but I persevered. new KoolStop pads helped, but braking was still way beneath par.

The rear brake on the Hiver was even pads (Again) and they were still crap. I overtightened a pinch bolt on the straddlle cable barrel clamp and sheared the bolt. PX were useless , Paul Milnes and most local shops, even ebay couldnt find me a replacement. so it was time for a new brakes.

I looked into a set of TRP cx9s, but apparently they have to run really close to the rim.. not ideal for some of the crap i ride in20130103_104945

.. so in  the end I got a set of CR720s ( rear only)

Easier to set up ( though I dont like the straddle pinch bolt arrangement) and a massive difference riding , I can now actually stop and did a few test drifts on the fast berm in the woods..I did notice my heel clipping the right arm occasionally though.

I will leave the front as it is until it is time to replace pads, and maybe keep my eye out for a set of CX9s for summer riding.



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